Oregon to Hear Findings on Same Sex Marriage Today

Dear friends, I want you to know my feelings about the same sex marriage ruling that will be handed down by a federal judge today, at noon.

I know many people are against same sex marriage, saying it is against the Holy Bible and against God’s law. I had the chance in the 1980’s to listen to a brilliant black activist in Portland who was also a minister of his church. I felt his “arguments” demonstrating the Holy Bible’s commandments allowing same sex couples were as compelling as the arguments against it.

Since that time, two things have been my backbone on this issue: First, God does not want any of us to judge each other. Heaven knows we are all sinners, and we should not stand judgement against each other on such personal issues as whom someone wants to spend their life with.

Secondly, Jesus Christ was asked, “What is the greatest Law that mankind must follow?” In other words, what is the one law above all others that Christ wanted us to remember. His answer was that we must love God with all of our hearts, and love our neighbors as our self. In other words, His number one commandment was to have love and peace, for God and all of God’s children.

There are those who pick and choose passages from the Old and New Testament to prove their points, but the power of Love and Peace above all others is hard to argue.

As a practicing Friend (Quaker), I point out that we have long held the stance of equality and rights for all Americans, starting with Civil Rights in the 1830’s, long before it was popular (to be kind), and for Gay Rights since at least the early 1900’s. In the case of Civil Rights, I am confident that stance has proven to be a sound one, and right by God. I also believe that allowing for Gay Rights (now the rights of GLBTQQ) will prove to be the right one. How can we deny anyone the right to love and worship God the way they choose?

For those who do not agree or understand, I hope you will find Peace in your hearts.

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