Spring Weddings 2014

Hello my friends,

As we head into our Spring 2014 wedding season in Central Oregon, I realize there are many brides, grooms, and families who have no ties to a church or congregation, and may be looking for an ordained minister to help officiate their beautiful ceremony.

I am now taking appointments for the coming season, and I have to tell you, things get a little hectic this time of year.

The wedding industry is subject new fangled trends, music, styles, fashion, and traditions. In recognition of this, I want you to know I appreciate your need to individualize your special day, and that I am able to adjust to your needs and desires.

With that in mind, let me know what you need. As a non-demoninational ordained minister, I perform only Christian based weddings, and sometimes simple, non-Christian ceremonies. I do not perform weddings using the sacraments of other faiths (such as Judaism or Islam) because I am not qualified, though I can perform generic or Christian services, or services which include traditions of all inter-faith needs. I am not ordained by specific churches, such as the Catholic church. I do, however, officiate and provide spiritual guidance for all other Christian ceremonies.

It sounds distasteful to ask you to “book” your wedding with Pastor Michael as soon as possible, but you know what I mean.