My Stand on Same Sex Marriage

My friends, Oregon’s ban on same sex marriage was struck down by a federal court. Many want to know my opinion about marrying same sex couples.

I personally think it is a wonderful thing. Love is the one law, above all others, that Jesus wanted us to follow. He said, “First love God, and love all others as you love yourselves.”  The Holy Bible, like the very Constitution of this country, was written with enough ambiguity to allow us to find the truth in our own thinking and in our hearts.

As many passages from the Holy Bible can be found that indicate acceptance of same sex relationships as can be found against it. We just not use the Holy Bible as a battering ram for our personal opinion.

My own faith, the Friends (Quaker) have long fought for Gay Rights as early as the beginning of the 20th century, as they did for Civil Rights in the 1830’s.

I do not find same sex marriage a threat to marriage whatsoever. It is an extension of confirmation that God wanted us all to love each other, as well as judge not others because none of us are without sin. That isn’t to say that same sex partnerships are sinners–I don’t believe that for a minute, but some faiths think so, and I believe it is wrong to chastise others until your own house is in order–and that shall come only when you reach the gates of Heaven for judgement.

Will I marry a same-sex couple? Of course I will. Above all, love triumphs. God Bless you. P. Michael


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