A Wonderful Trend I Am Discovering

Dear friends, You should know that I still have availability on my calendar for your wedding this Spring and Summer.

Drop me a note and let’s meet or at least speak briefly on the phone.

This year, I have noticed a very wonderful thing: I have been so pleased by the number of people who keep God and their faith close to their hearts, even though they don’t have a regular church they attend. Marriage is a great time to consider your spiritual options. People think about family, and who or what is at the foundation of their life. I am often asked what church I attend, because they would like to go their also.

My recommendation is that you first try to identify the faith and churches your family attended, and secondly, try all kinds of churches before you settle down. I can tell you this (because I attend a lot of them), you will know where home is when you find it. If a church feels like home, then stick with it a few Sundays (or other worship days).

Once you find your home, stick with it. It can be tough getting up early on a Sunday, or getting a family together for that matter. But if it becomes part of your routine, you will find the reward worth it. Your weeks will seem more meaningful, and your life more stable and centered. Your faith becomes the backbone you need to get you through the week.

The second thing I have noticed is that many younger couples don’t attend church, and are a little afraid to speak to me about their faith, religion, and ceremony, because they don’t know what to say. They don’t know the words. They feel embarrassed.

Faith is a journey. God understands you don’t know all the words. The Holy Spirit is always around you, and you never need to worry about what you say, or what you don’t know. Frankly, a lack of knowledge should never become a barrier to your walk with God.

So chill out, don’t worry, and drop me a note if you would like to talk. By the way, my main ministry is not marriages, it is at risk youth and end of life spiritual needs (among others).



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