How Does a Wedding Proceed?

Often we go to weddings, but do not notice the structure of the wedding itself. As the officiating Minister of your wedding, there are certain things I must do, such as signing your marriage certificate and sending it in to the County you live in, and certain words I must use in the ceremony itself, but the rest is left open to your dreams and imaginations.

However, we must not forget to incorporate God into your ceremony. Here is a sample flow of a typical wedding ceremony I would officiate:

  • Spend some time with the bride and groom for counseling and preparation for God’s ceremony of marriage.
  • Time with family, if available,
  • Talk about the ceremony, special wishes, such as reading of vows or Scripture.
  • Wedding pictures
  • Wedding party rehearsal
  • Prelude music.
  • Processional music.
  • Seating of the parents.
  • Processional for the bridal party.
  • Bride’s processional and entrance.
  • Introduction and opening prayer.
  • Giving of the bride.
  • Parents involvement.
  • Lighting of candles by mothers.
  • Reading and/or first song.
  • Definition of marriage.
  • Blessing of rings.
  • Exchange of Rings & Vows.
  • Second reading or song.
  • Prayer.
  • Couple Unity.
  • Children’s unity ceremony and blessing.
  • Nuptial blessing.
  • Pronouncement of marriage.
  • Introduction of new couple (“Mr. & Mrs…”)
  • Breaking of glass (depending on faith).
  • Recessional – Bridal March.
  • Receiving Line.

These are examples of a typical marriage ceremony, but speak with me about specifics, and optional items we can add.

Contact Pastor Michael directly for more assistance: 541.610.6375


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