About Pastor Michael

About the Pastor (Minister): Michael is an ordained Christian minister with the authority to perform (officiate is the proper term) wedding ceremonies and abide by the legal requirements of the county you are married in. Michael practices the Friends (Quaker) religion, attends various churches. He studied and received his degree at George Fox College.

Pastor Michael does not minister through a church of his own, but focuses on special needs for Christian ministry, such as marriage ceremonies, funerals, end of life counseling and fellowship, and counseling teens from a Christian perspective.

He is a non-denominational minister.  open to all beliefs and religions, though his knowledge is primarily in divinity related to Christianity.

The Pastor enjoys singing–mainly modern Christian songs, and Hymns, and is involved with the local Opera. He is also an artist, photographer, sculptor, and dabbles in technology and other businesses. He spends a lot of time with his Bichon Frise (dog, though if you ask him, it is his son), and they wander trails and rivers, and pray and meditate.

Pastor Michael is a very kind soul. He is wise, a good listener, gentle, loves people and all of nature. He is quick to fill with joy, with sorrow, with compassion, but also to help those who need a guiding word, or just a hug.

Above all, he is a devout Christian, a repentant sinner, and forever seeking the Word of God, and living his life as He would like him to live.

Contact Pastor Michael directly for more assistance: 541.610.6375


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